Welcome to the DIANA Project!

We are developing AI powered solutions to support care-takers of people with cognitive impairments


Our goal: less routine monitoring tasks for nurses and gaining more time for compassion and personal care taking

The objective of DIANA is to improve the life and safety of mild to severely cognitive impaired persons 65+ while assisting nurses and care givers by providing novel technological solutions. The enabling technology will analyse action and behaviour changes while ensuring data privacy. Furthermore, the project will study innovative ways  how our data can be seamlessly integrated into the nurses working routine with the goal to free valuable time for personalized care. For mild to medium impaired persons the project is going to research means how to assist and guide people in activities of daily living. A first activity where this will be tested focuses on toileting. DIANA has the unique goal of increasing people’s autonomy and digitizing nursing assistance in this highly challenging area.


Monitoring safety of patients 24/7 (e.g. bed-exits, falls, wandering, etc.), automated and anonymized.


Nurses get critical information about e.g. impending falls in time and and in a way that they can react accordingly. Furthermore they are able to adjust the system to the need of their clients and high false alarm rates from currently used sensors are a thing of the past.


Support activities of daily living (e.g. going to the toilet). Clients are guided through certain tasks autonomously by the DIANA virtual assistant. Nursing staff receives on-the-spot info in order to assist when needed.


Observe behavioral trends and provide evidence for later assessment by clinical experts. Support the optimization of living quarters (private and shared rooms) in order to ensure the well being of clients (e.g. water and food intake, dead ends).


DIANA is built upon a smart, non-wearable 3D sensor (1 per room, mounted on the wall) powered by patented AI algorithms for behavior monitoring. Its powerful on-board processing capabilities provides flexibility and allows to continuously update the system and provide new features.
The sensors are seamlessly integrated into the Milestone VMS Open Platform ecosystem enabling the flexible handling of generated events and analytic data.
cogvisAI sensor
Smart, unobtrusive 3D Sensor for the DIANA project